Kefalos   largest village on the west of the island… between sea and mountains

"KEFALOS, where the world seems to end, offers everything lovers of the blue Mediterranean dream: of beautiful deep bays, houses, small and white, donkey trails crossing the hills and picture postcard beaches."


Its distance is only 18km (11miles) from Kos airport and the distance
to Kos town is a mere 40km (25miles).

Kefalos is located in the southern part of Kos in the heart of wilderness between the sea and the scenic mountains and it is known for its breath taking views, dream beaches, water sports and fishing and finally
its great opportunities for walks and hikes, not to forget its places moulded by history.

* Anchored on a high hill,

* Overlooking the sea from the south coast

* And the little harbour of Kamari.

Offers an exceptional view on the Kamari bay, the largest and most protected of the island, with its islet of St.Nicholas (Kastri).

KEFALOS "between the sea and the mountains"

The magnificent western point of the island, isolated,
proud and wild, with its arid hills and chiselled coast line,renders the soul of the island. It offers secret creeks protected by cliffs,
as well as extraordinary landscapes and views. It's a real paradise for Nature lovers and for hikers.

"THE SOUTHERN TIP OF THE ISLAND offers landscapes of rare beauty where the vegetation has not been sacrificed."


The White Rock cave
In Aspri Petra, a cave contains interesting paleontological remnants which show that life on the island began in the Neolithic Age (3rd millennium BC).

The ruins of the island's first capital
In Palatia, the remnants of a theatre and a temple
(from the Hellenistic Age) date Astypalaia, the former capital
of the Island during Antiquity and all the way back to 366 B.C.

Other places of interest are the remnants:

Christian basilica of St. Steven
Two paleochristian basilicas with 3 naves, in Aghios Stephanos
(5th -6th century).

The old monastery of St. John the Baptist

The remnants of its Venetian castle and many more…

KEFALOS “in the heart of wilderness” is known for:

  • Its microclimate, its dream beaches. Its breath taking views, its water sports and fishing.
  • Its opportunities for walks and hikes and its places moulded by history.


KEFALOS and its medical care: Doctor, 3 Dentist, 2 Pharmacy

Our private surgery: Stamatios N. Loizos
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tel.+30 2242 071 070
Mob.+30 693 087 21 84

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maps earth Map of Kefalos

kastri .. Kastri


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