Kos Island between Orient and Occident ... where Culture meets ... Pleasure



With a surface of 290 km2, Kos is the second biggest island
of the Dodecanese archipelago after Rhodes.
It’s located 219 miles from Athens, 64 miles from Rhodes
and only 2.5 miles from the Asia minor coast, and from Bodrum,
the Turkish seaside resort.

In Kos you can experience a scent of Asia, visiting its monasteries
and mosques and enjoy the unique countryside which offers you
the following :

*120 km of beaches, the longest and sandiest of the Aegean Sea
whose colours vary from navy blue to incandescent turquoise.

*beautiful mountains: the Dikeos (875m), the Sympetro (482m),
and at the southern point of the island :
the Latra (428m) and the Zini (354m).



KOS: 30.000 inhabitants, “a modern tourist destination” with :

  • archaeological sites,
  • festivals and shops (international bookstore),
  • sports and recreational activities such as sailing, yachting,
    wind surfing, water skiing, diving, jet ski, fun board
    also with tennis courts, equestrian centre, fitness centre,
    movie theatre, bowling centre, pool (billiards), arcade video games, internet café and cart racing andmany more.

"In KOS everyday is a vacation All the children of the world are like gods here in KOS"

Josep Piera, Catalan poet.


Greek mythology often refers to Kos.
The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

In the 7th and 6th centuries BC, Kos was one of the cities
that form the Doric Hexapole.

Hippocrates (460-375 BC), the father of medicine was born
and performed his practice in Kos.

The city of Kos is a wide archaeological site with its Agora
(market place), its Europeans house, its casa roman, its St Jean  knight’s castle, its mosque Loggia, it's Odeon, its archaeological museum, its Hippocrates tree, the Asclepieion ...


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From April to October:
8 months of great sunshine, without rain.
In November: a few thunderstorms.



Between Athens and Kos
2 airlines, up to 6 daily flights
SEA: 5 ferry boat companies connect the Island with Athens.
Between Europe and Kos, from April to late October:
over 40 charter flights on a daily basis.

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